Monday, 5 July 2010

New range of Chinese herbs to be launched 1st August

Above: interesting article that appeared in the Guardian recently about the Tibetan harvest of Cordyceps sinensis (if you click on the image it will enlarge so that you can read it). There has been growing interest in TCM medicines over the past decade. Coupled with this interest has been an increasing insistence on quality of ingredients and environmental sustainablility of supply.

Proline Botanicals is about to launch a new range of herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A 40-page colour catalogue has been produced focussing on the new range, listing over 280 different herbs and approximately six hundred products including tinctures, powders and cut herbs. Fifty of the most popular classic herbal formulae have also been included.

All the herbs have been imported from China.

The new catalogue will be available from 1st August.

Commenting on the new range Tony Carter said:

"This is an exciting new initiative for us. We try to introduce at least one big new development each year to ensure the company continues to grow. This year we are expanding our range of herbal products by forty per cent through the addition of medicines used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"We are aware of course that the TCM market in the United Kingdom is mature, and that there are many existing reputable suppliers of TCM medicines. However we believe that our unique quality systems and emphasis upon GMP audited procedures will be valued by many practitioners. Because our products are manufactured in the UK, under our complete control, we can guarantee that they are free of any animal ingredients and uncontaminated by heavy metals, analgesics, antihistamines, hormones or any other extraneous material.

"Our aim is to produce the purest TCM herbal medicines possible, and to make them available to practitioners at fair prices. Inevitably there will be difficulties to be experienced - TCM is a complex and sophisticated medical culture and will require careful study and attention to get things right. We are confident we will succeed."

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