Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Visit from Hadlow College

Above: Emma (far left) with the students from Hadlow College.

On Friday 12th March Proline Botanicals hosted a visit from Hadlow College in Kent. Sixteen medicinal horticulturalists, herbalists and commercial horticulturalists comprised the party.

The visit took place in the afternoon and included a tour of the Proline site, a buffet lunch and informal discussions between Proline staff and the students. Emma Suddards led the party on the tour which looked at the way dried herbs were milled, herbal fluid extracts were percolated, capsules and tablets were made and finished medicines were stored prior to despatch.

Commenting on the visit Emma said:

"We were really pleased to host a visit from such enthusiastic and interested students. Having recently graduated myself in herbal medicine I realise the value visits of this kind have in bringing the procedures to life. Creating herbal medicines to GMP standards is a fascinating process and involves many different stages - it was a pleasure to be able to show the students how we keep up the quality standards across over three hundred and fifty different herbs and nearly two thousand individual medicinal products."

If you work in an educational establishment and wish to bring a party of students to Proline Botanicals please contact us.

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