Monday, 28 November 2011

We have listened to our customers and withdrawn all credit card charges

In June this year we imposed a 3% charge on credit card transactions. Following the recent change of ownership of Herbs in a Bottle we carried out extensive consultation with our customers and now realise that this imposition had an unreasonable impact. We therefore withdraw the charges with effect from Monday 28th November.

Because of the way we are structured and independently audited it is impossible for us to cut costs by using cheaper herbs (that may well be substandard), missing out key quality tests, or ignoring GMP standards.

This Commitment to maintain high standards was one of the reasons for the mistaken imposition of the credit card charges in June.

Following the arrival of David Carter as our new Managing Director a considerable programme of investment and expansion has commenced. This will result in yet more benefits that we will pass on to you, our valued customer, through sustained quality, service and reliability.

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