Monday, 25 October 2010

Herbs In A Bottle at the NIMH Conference

Above: Emma and Katie on the Herbs In A Bottle stand at the annual conference of the National Insitute of Medical Herbalists.

At the AGM (held on Friday) Tony Carter was re-elected Treasurer of NIMH.

Talking about the conference Tony said:

"For the ordinary NIMH member the conference is great fun, but when you are on Council the four days are quite an intensive time with committee meetings, formal sessions and responding to questions that can be fired at you at any time. Not that I am complaining - serving on NIMH Council is a great honour, and I'm happy to do whatever it takes to keep the organisation moving forward. NIMH depends to a very large extent on volunteers acting together to get things done."

Herbs In A Bottle had a stand at the Conference that was managed by Emma Suddards:

"I worked with Katie Dobiesz running the stand. As we are both qualified medical herbalists we took it in turns to sit in on some of the talks on Saturday - I especially appreciated the case studies. It was good to network and nice to see so many customers face to face.

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