Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Herbs In A Bottle comes to life!

Above: Vincent (Marketing) and Sue (Dispensary) examine the new Herbs In A Bottle branding.

The launch of the new Herbs In A Bottle branding has been an exciting moment for herbal medicine.

Completely replacing the old Proline Botanicals trading name, Herbs In A Bottle has already had a terrific response from practitioners throughout the country. The sales office reported one of the busiest weeks of the year, despite the holiday period. This surge in orders is expected to continue as more practitioners take advantage of the celebratory 5% discount during September*. Emma in the Sales office said: "Everyone has been intrigued and interested in the rebranding, and one lady told us it was about time we updated our image!"

Commenting on the rebranding Tony Carter said: "For a long time I had been uncomfortable with the old Proline Botanicals branding. To be honest, we chose the Proline name years ago with hardly any thought, and always intended to rebrand when the time was right. But the success of the company took us by surprise and the right moment never seemed to come along. Now we have an opportunity to completely rebrand the company under the Herbs In A Bottle image. As a name Proline always seemed to have a clinical edge to it, and Herbs In A Bottle reflects more our personality - friendly, foward-looking and absolutely focussed on herbs.

Apart from the change in name practitioners should not notice any alterations in the production and delivery of their orders. The company retains the most stringent quality GMP processes, independently audited. The range of phytopharmaceutical products remains the widest available in the United Kingdom. Value for money continues, with Herbs In A Bottle prices in real terms among the lowest you will find anywhere.

* practitioners who place an order during September will receive a 5% discount - only one discount per practitioner.

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