Thursday, 5 November 2009

NIMH rally and mass lobby of Parliament

Above: Emma and Chris on the front line at the NIMH demo in Westminster.

Proline Botanicals supported the NIMH demonstration and lobby of Parliament on Monday 2nd November. Several members of staff made the journey up to London and braved the cold to demonstrate in support of statutory regulation of herbal medicine. In the picture above you can see the "Honk for herbs" banner Emma made, which got an enthusiastic reaction from the lorry drivers on the busy road in front of Parliament.

Describing the day Emma said: "I felt the day was reassuring for those people who are passionate about herbal medicine, showing that we won’t back down against bureaucracy. I think it highlighted to plenty of people that your voice can be heard (that is, people who went to speak to their MPs) and I’m sure we made a great impression on the people of London! As for the banner- we were stood up by the monument and I thought a better way to get some noise and attention would be to involve the traffic going past. So we traded placards with someone and wrote on the blank side ‘Honk 4 Herbs’ to try and get the people driving past to notice and get everyone at the demo fired up. And Chris and Vinny helped by encouraging the drivers to join in and speaking to those who were stopped at the traffic lights about what the demonstration was about."

In other initiatives, all of the Proline staff have been completing the Dept of Health Consultation forms and writing to local MPs Quentin Davies, Alan Duncan and Stewart Jackson.

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  1. Hi Emma and Chris,
    Just thought that you might like to know that I received a phone call today from the Dods service (a specialist information service for politicians). They had heard the demonstration and particularly mentioned your banner. They were after an interview to put on their daily info service for MP's - great work you obviously got the attention we need.